Fertility Investigations for Females

There are various tests that can be performed when investigating fertility in women. Performing fertility investigations will help in understanding factors that may be impacting fertility as well as creating a treatment plan. Here, we will explore the various fertility investigations that are available to women.


Using transvaginal ultrasound allows us to investigate overall health of the reproductive organs.  Ultrasound scanning gives us information one ovaries, endometrial lining and uterus.  It takes 10-15mins, allowing us to see if the uterus and ovaries are present and also if there is anything present such as ovarian cysts and fibroids. It should not be painful as every measure is taken to insure that.  The more information we have in determining any factors which may cause issues for a person to conceive allows us to best facilitate a individual plan of care for the person.

Along with ultrasound we check AMH (Anti Mullerian hormone) fertility blood test, which indicates your ovarian reserve.  A baby girl starts off with 2 million follicles in her ovaries, the ovaries secrete and produce AMH, thats why AMH is a good indicator of how many eggs you have left in reserve.  The more follicles you have the more eggs and AMH you will be capable of producing.  Egg quality and quantity depletes as you get older.  AMH is a good indication of how many eggs you have left for a viable pregnancy, AMH will not tell us the quality of egg, but dies tell us the quantity.

A person or couple should consider seeing a fertility Specialist if you are:

Factors that can affect fertility:


Hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography (HyCoSy) is a safe procedure to investigate infertility; it looks at the cavity of the uterus and fallopian tubes which ultrasound scan alone will not be able to check.  Damage to the tubes or cavity can prevent women becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy.  We learn a lot about the uterus and fallopian tubes.


Investigations involved in the fertility clinic allows us best form an individualised plan for the client, taking a holistic and person centred approach to fertility needs and allowing us to get the best possible result for the person or couple who attend our clinic.

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