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At Midlands Fertility Clinic, we support individuals and couples travelling abroad for fertility treatment, offering comprehensive services and care, regardless of the clinic you choose to attend. We understand that accessibility is key to your fertility journey. That’s why we are proud to be able to offer you satellite fertility services. With convenient access to prescription transcribing, ultrasound scanning, blood testing, semen analysis including DNA Fragmentation, Culture & Sensitivity, you can trust that you’re in capable hands every step of the way.

Experience the convenience and excellence of the Midlands Fertility Clinic because your journey to parenthood should be as seamless as possible. We collaborate closely with your chosen fertility clinic to guide and assist you at every stage of your fertility protocol.

Our dedicated fertility nurse specialist Sheryl is happy to discuss how we can support you with your fertility treatment abroad.

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Prague, Czech Republic

IVF Cube is a clinic for Assisted Reproduction with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the issue of infertility diagnosis and the treatment of fertility disorders.

We offer a wide range of possible treatments, ranging from the most basic, to highly specialised medical techniques (IVF-ICSI, IVF-ICSI ED, PGT-A). However, our philosophy is that the patients should be treated only with methods that are really necessary and beneficial.

Infertility treatments

IVF-ICSI with donated eggs (ED)

With this method, we use freshly collected eggs from an anonymous donor, which are fertilized by the partner’s sperm. The guarantees of the program are: a minimum of 8 eggs and at least 2 high quality embryos in the blastocyst stage.

This treatment includes: intracytoplasmic sperm injection – ICSI, donor examination and medication, assisted hatching – AH, blastocyst culture – BC, single vitrification (freezing eggs and embryos one piece at a time), MFSS – Microfluid sperm sorting and 1 year of storage.

The clinic also provides an advanced genetic testing MATCH+. The examination of the 430 most frequent genetic mutations ensures safe matching and optimal genetical compatibility of the donor and partner.

IVF – ICSI with own eggs

This method includes the hormonal stimulation of the ovaries followed by the egg collection. The eggs are fertilised outside of the patient’s body – in vitro. The fertilized eggs are cultivated in a special laboratory environment, where we ensure the embryos develop optimally.

This treatment includes: intracytoplasmic sperm injection – ICSI, assisted hatching – AH, blastocyst culture – BC, single vitrification (freezing eggs and embryos one piece at a time), MFSS – Microfluid sperm sorting and 1 year of storage.

IVF – ICSI with PGT-A using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

This is one of the most high-tech genetic testing methods. The testing is done on the cells that are taken from the embryos in the early blastocyst stage – the 5th day of development. It enables early identification of structural abnormalities or deviations across all 24 chromosomes. Additionally, it exhibits high sensitivity in detecting genetically abnormal embryos, with an almost negligible error rate.


The IVF CUBE clinic provides the preIMUNO+ immunomodulation package, a distinctive complementary approach to therapy using either one’s own eggs or donated eggs. The preIMUNO+  is designed for patients experiencing recurrent embryo implantation failures or those with inadequate mucosal development prior to embryo transfer.

Popular Questions

Is Infertility just a woman’s problem

It is estimated that in about a  third of cases there can be an issue with the male however it is well documented that male factor infertility is on the increase worldwide. Female issues are diagnosed also in a third of cases, with a third combined factor, both male and female. 10% of cases are of unknown origin.

What things increase a woman’s risk of infertility?

Many things can change a woman’s ability to have a baby. These include:
– Age
– Smoking
– Excess alcohol use
– Stress
– Poor diet
– Athletic training
– Being overweight or underweight
– Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
– Health problems that cause hormonal changes, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and primary ovarian insufficiency

How does age affect a woman’s ability to have children?

Many women are waiting until their 30s and 40s to have children. Age is a growing cause of fertility problems. About one-third of couples in which the woman is over 35 have fertility problems.

Aging decreases a woman’s chances of having a baby in the following ways:
– Her ovaries become less able to release eggs.
– She has a smaller number of eggs left.
– Her eggs are not as healthy.
– She is more likely to have health conditions that can cause fertility problems.
– She is more likely to have a miscarriage.

How long should women try to get pregnant before calling their doctor?

Most experts suggest at least one year. Women 35 or older should see their doctors after six months of trying. A woman’s chances of having a baby decrease rapidly every year after the age of 30.

Some health problems also increase the risk of infertility. So, women should talk to their doctors if they have:
– Irregular periods or no menstrual periods
– Very painful periods
– Endometriosis
– Pelvic inflammatory disease
– More than one miscarriage

It is a good idea for any woman to talk to a doctor before trying to get
pregnant. Doctors can help you get your body ready for a healthy baby. They
can also answer questions on fertility and give tips on conceiving.

I have irregular painful periods . Is it the cause of infertility?

Painful periods do not necessarily mean infertility. Regular painful periods are an indication of ovulatory cycles. However progressive pain before the menses or during the sexual act may signify endometriosis. Irregular menses should be investigated especially if you are obese.

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