Second Future of Fertility Meeting

We are delighted to be hosting the second future of fertility meeting webinar in collaboration with FertilityTwoPointZero on the 05th May at 4pm.


Geraldine Emerson – Male testing: Sperm, CASA, AI & fragmentation, PGT in IVF

Linda Ryan – comprehensive support before, during & after fertility treatment

Ciara Melia – Safe & effective; Physician Associates in Reproductive Medicine

Sameer Angras – Non-invasive embryo testing

Dr Karlo Tomicic – Donor & surrogacy options at home and abroad for straight & gay couples

Dr Elias Tsakos – Surrogacy options in Greece

Dr Mary McCaffrey – Caring for the pregnant surrogate mother

If you would like to attend the webinar please reach out to by 2nd of May 2023.